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Use this calculator to find out how much you’ll be paid for your KENP read from Amazon’s Kandle Unlimited Program


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What is KENP and How Does It Work?

KENP is an acronym that stands for Kindle Edition Normalised Pages. In short, is a unified measurement system of kindle book pages. Amazon uses KENP to count and keep track of pages read of all eBooks that are borrowed via Kindle Unlimited across different devices – various models of the kindle, the kindle app for smartphones etc. Then Amazon uses KENP to  fairly determine your share of the global fund.

If you choose to enroll the digital version of your book in KDP select, then it will be available for peolpe to read via Kindle Unlimited. 

Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service, where customers pay a monthly fee of $9.99 in exchange for access to a large catalog of eBooks that are enrolled in this program. You can think of it as a Netflix for eBooks. Kindle Unlimited allows users to access a vast catalog of eBooks and keep 10 eBooks at a time.

How do I find my KENP?

If you have already enrolled in KDP Select and you want to find out exactly how many KENP pages your book has, go to your KDP Bookshelf and click the Promote and Advertise button for whichever book you want to know the page count.

Your KENP page count will be displayed in the “Earn Royalties from The KDP Select Global Fund” box.

How much does KDP pay per page?

Whilst you can’t find out exactly how much you’ll be paid before Amazon releases your monthly payment report, our calculator will give you an accurate estimate. 

How are KENP royalties calculated?

The KENP royalty calculation is:

KENP pages read * = your approximate KENP payment

How is the monthly KENP rate calculated?

The elements that make up each month’s KENPC per page payout are:  

Global Fund / total pages read = per page payout rate

A) KDP Select Global Fund – based on the number of members enrolled in Kindle Unlimited and by extension the revenue that this program generates, KDP determines the budget for the KDP Select Global Fund (recently around 40 million).

B) Total pages read – the total number of pages that the KU and KOLL readers read in any given month. Amazon does not explicitly disclose this number but we can easily calculate it with some simple math. In June 2017 the total number of KENP pages read was 4.27 billion. Even though this number by itself is quite meaningless, it’s fun to contemplate the vast quantity of pages being read by the people in these programs.

C) Per page payout rate – dividing the 2 metrics described above, will give you the per-page payout rate. You can see it in your payments reports in your KDP dashboard.


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