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The Free Tier of the Powerful BookBeam Chrome Extension.

Your trusted companion for Amazon research. See all book bestseller rankings, royalty per book, page quantity and much more. Easily analyze demand and competition of niches and keywords. Identify hot trends quickly. All in a beautifully designed, easy-to-read user interface.
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  • Take Your Amazon Research to The Next Level

    The BookBeam Chrome Extension will make your research process both faster and easier. See every book Best Seller Rank (BSR) within seconds on search pages as well as category pages. Or view it in a neatly summarized table. 

  • Identify Hot Niches and Trends Before Anyone Else

    Use the Chrome Extension to help you spot in-demand niches and trends at record speed. The data provided by our extension will lift the veil on what is actually happening behind the scenes, allowing you to see how many sales and how much royalties books are making.

  • Quickly Analyze Demand & Competition

    Get a quick snapshot of both demand and competition for specific keywords and niches. Seeing combined sales, royalties and revenue will help you understand how in demand a keyword is. Alongside that you will also see the total number of competitor information, allowing you to make the right publishing decisions quickly.

  • Sleek & Convenient
    On-Page Elements

    The BookBeam Chrome Extension features not only a sleek table but also several on-page elements that are integrated in the Amazon page. Get all the valuable data that you need right where you need it.

  • Works On 6 Amazon Marketplaces and Audible US and UK

    The BookBeam Chrome Extension works on 6 of the most popular Amazon marketplaces: Amazon USA (.com), Amazon UK (.co.uk), Amazon Canada (.ca), Amazon Germany (.de), Amazon France (.fr), Amazon Spain (.es), Amazon Italy (.it). It also works on Audible US and UK!

  • Test Drive the Full Power of the BookBeam Extension

    Get a taste of what the paid BookBeam Chrome Extension can do with for free. Try all the features and see how they can benefit your publishing business.

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