How to Publish Your Kindle Book as a Paperback with KDP Print in 10 Easy Steps

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How to Publish Your Kindle Book as a Paperback with KDP Print in 10 Easy Steps

KDP Print is one of the newest developments in the self-publishing arena. As of recently, it is available to everyone as a public beta version.

Getting your book published through KDP print is a surprisingly simple process. You can actually upload the book in 5 minutes (we’ve timed it). That’s assuming that you already have your kindle book uploaded and all your print files are ready to be uploaded to the system. Interestingly enough, the part that takes the longest is waiting for the conversion to happen. No rush though, better to take your time to check if all the steps are as you want them to be, if you’ve entered the information correctly and if the files as they appear on the previewer as they should.

Many elements and stages of the process are the same as on Createspace which is not a suprise, since amazon owns Createspace. For example, the launch previewer and the review process are the same. They are probably using the exact same machines and facilities to get them shipped as well. Hence, for those who have ever uploaded a book through Createspace, this process will be very easy.

Just follow the steps outlined below and you will have your eBook available as a paperback book.

Step 1: Start the KDP Print Set Up Process

Go to your KDP dashboard and click “+ Create paperback” for the book for which you’re creating a paperback.

Step 2: Fill Out the Relevant Fields

Next, as you’ll see most of the book’s information fields will already be filled out for you. If, however, you are uploading the paperback version first, you will have to enter your book’s information into all of these fields.

Step 3: Select the Categories for Your Book

The first information that you will have to enter is the 2 categories for your book.

Tip: choose 2 different main categories.

Step 4: Enter the Information Relating to Createspace

Next, indicate whether you have or have not previously published your book on Createspace.

If you have – when you click continue you will be brought to a window with Createspace’s log in. Enter your account’s credentials and your identity as the owner of the account & publisher of that book will be confirmed. Then you will be brought right back to KDP to continue the publishing process.

If you have not – then you’ll be brought to the next stage of the publishing process.

Step 5: Set up Your ISBN

Next, either enter your own ISBN or choose to get one assigned by KDP.

If you have previously published this book through Createspace, then you will have the same ISBN and will not need to do anything here.

Step 6: Set up the Print Options

Next, choose all the appropriate print options: the interior & paper type, trim size, bleed settings as well as the paperback cover finish.

Choose whichever options you prefer and whichever are best for your book. It’s useful to note here that if you opt for a colored interior, the cost per book will be higher, so you will either have to price your book higher or receive a lower royalty. Therefore, if you have only a couple images in your book, it will probably be wiser to choose to have a black & white interior.

Step 7: Upload Your Files to KDP Print

Upload your manuscript file… (and wait for it to upload)

…and your cover file (and wait for it to upload).

Remember – they both should be in PDF format and should be formatted as per KDPs guidelines (by and large, they are the same as Createspace’s).

Step 8: Launch the KDP Print Previewer

Launch the previewer. At the moment, contrary to Createspace, KDP Print does not offer publishers the option to order review copies. So there’s no other option than to do it digitally.

Click the “Launch Previewer” button and wait for it to load. It might take a few minutes (possibly even more than 5 minutes, depending on the size and complexity of the files you’ve uploaded), so it might be a good time to take a break and grab a cup of coffee as KDP aptly suggests).

Once it’s finished loading and converting, review the files. Check if the margins for the pages look alright, if any important text on the cover will not be cut off once the it’s printed etc.

If all elements look alright, give it your stamp of approval by clicking the “Approve” button.

Step 9: Pricing

Click “Save and Continue” which will bring you to the last stage – Pricing.

Enter the price that your book will be sold for. Next to it you will see the royalty calculated for that specific price.

Tip: it’s a smart idea to optimise (change it to $6.99 instead of $6.72, for example) the price for each Amazon marketplace and not just let it be filled out automatically.

Step 10: Publish Your Book

Click “Publish Your Paperback Book”. And then you wait for KDPs response.

Right now, it seems that KDPs review process is faster than that of Createspace.

When you get an email from KDP you’re either good to go and your book will be available on amazon very soon (if that’s the case – congratulations!)

… or if something is not as it should be with the files (or anything else), you will be asked to make the appropriate changes and resubmit the files.

That’s it!

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